2019-06-12 Dartington to Totnes – Led by Val & Neil

Val writes:-

On a cold, grey, overcast day – more resembling winter than “flaming June” Neil and Val led nine walkers on Tony and Jenni’s walk from The Cott Inn, Dartington, along lanes to Copland Meadow path – a small hardcore path leading into a muddy track – grass mound in the centre with ruts either side.
All was going well until we reached a very large muddy lake – stretching for some distance.  How deep was the water?  Off went Shirley – the only one with Wellie Boots – the water well above ankle deep and that was walking on the grass mound which was not visible and quite slippery.
All was not lost – the leaders produced bin liners!
After an hilarious balancing act the group formed “a crocodile” to get to the other side and join Shirley – no mishaps thank goodness.
The path took us through lovely flower filled hedgerows with glimpses of Totnes and past some local allotments.  Crossing the main Kingsbridge Road we headed up through the cut towards Totnes Castle built by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066; through the cobbled area between The Guildhall built in 1533 on the site of the medieval priory and the Church of St Mary – coming out into the lower part of Totnes High Street – heading to the old bridge and descending the steps picking up the woodland path following the River Dart.
Time to take in the wildlife and the boats moored on the River.
A brief stop at Totnes Weir to view the Archimedes Screw  generating clean renewable energy for Totnes before heading through Dartington Estate – past the Waterwheel back to the Cott Inn to meet up with Tony and Jenni together with Chris and Malcolm for lunch.
Lovely food served by the welcoming staff.  An eventful walk – it didn’t rain and the sun was trying its hardest to come out.
This walk; in the past, would certainly have made it into “Ernie’s Black Book”

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