25th July Dawlish Warren – Led by Christine

Christine writes:-

Six of us walked to Dawlish and Dawlish Warren.  We parked at Henty Avenue and crossed the main road to go through the alley leading to the bridge over the railway. We walked along the sea wall towards Dawlish going as far as Coryton Cove. We stopped to watch the reflections in the water and holidaymakers enjoying the beach.
We turned around walking back through the park, which goes behind the railway station, then walked back down to the sea wall and headed towards Dawlish Warren. It was overcast when we started the walk and then the sun broke through and the temperature rose!
We walked to Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve. We walked round the reserve finding shade where we could!
We enjoyed our lunch at Mount Pleasant Inn. Lovely views across the bay.  We returned to our cars via Lady’s Mile.
Wendy took the photos and you can see these below.

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