December 10th – Ipplepen

Tony and Jenni
wish everyone a very

and a Happy New Year

Once again Ernie led this walk from the Wellington Inn up onto Orley Common. It was a cold but clear day and a bit muddy underfoot so we settled for a short walk on the common plus extra excursions into the woods above Torbryan , led by Heather, and then past the church into Paternoster Lane, this time led by Christine.

Back in the warmth of the pub the seventeen walkers met with seven other members where the Wellington Inn staff served the usual excellent value meals.
After the meal Heather expounded on “What is a Senior Citizen” and Ernie entertained with his amazing Xmas hat which somehow had been infiltrated by the traditional tweeting bird which had escaped from its cage since last year. The hat finally exploded into violent oscillations to  raucous laughter from all.

Ernie explained that today was the 10th anniversary of our Xmas lunch meetings and that since he had nothing in his Little Black Book on which to base his Stirring Prize award this year, he would instead present the “Wellie prize for long, cheerful, and dedicated service”.
He then presented the prize, a pair of ornamental walking boots, to David and Maureen

View the photos Maureen and I took by clicking on the picture below.


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