November 12th – Penn Inn – Haccombe

Today will go down in history as great day for human achievement following the successful landing of Philae, the Rosetta space probe, on a comet.

Meanwhile a few hundred million miles nearer home, despite the promise of heavy rain showers, Graham was leading  12 walkers  from the Penn Inn on a five mile walk to  Haccombe and back.

Climbing up through Milber Woods we arrived on Milber Down to enjoy far reaching views of South Dartmoor. After crossing the busy rat run of the Newton to Barton road we went on to Haccombe, enjoying fine views of the river Teign along the way.

During the final 5 minutes before reaching the Penn Inn the forecast heavy downpour arrived, far too late to dampen our spirits.

Thanks again to Graham for a fine walk.

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Penn Inn flyover construction:- 
You might be interested to view this time lapse video of the ongoing  flyover construction (made by my friend Barry Hunter of Videos for All Occasions).

Also, don’t miss this remarkable  aerial view of the whole South Devon Link Road