October 29th – Parke to Lustleigh

Parke to Lustleigh, led by Ann & Shirley.


The heavy rain of early morning eased off in time for 17 walkers to start out from the Parke National Trust site in Bovey Tracey without donning the wet weather gear.

We were treated to an excellent circular walk of just under 6 miles which for once did not involve us in walking any part of the old railway track. Full marks to Anne & Shirley for introducing us to this walk.

Along the way we were treated to hints of gorgeous autumn colours, unfortunately very much dulled by the lack of any vestige of sunshine.

Toward the end of the walk we encountered a light drizzle but we soon back at the start of the walk where we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Homefarm Café.

View the photos I took by clicking this link

View Maureen’s photos by clicking this link.

OS map

Our track is shown in brown

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