September 17th – Widecombe

It was a good day for walking,  warm but overcast and dry underfoot, though not so good for photography as the murky atmosphere washed out the colours of the moor.
Dave and Maureen led fifteen walkers out of Widecombe village along the lane toward Natsworthy.
After a short photostop for a lonely alpaca we turned onto the moor and followed the path below Honeybag, Chinkwell,and Bell Tors to reach Bonehill Rocks.
Continuing across the moor from Bonehill Rocks the sky brightened to allow clearer views before we joined the road to descend into Widecombe for lunch at The Old Inn.

Photographers today were Maureen and myself. Although many of our photos are similar there will always be images that one or other of us will have missed so I never attempt to weed out duplicates.

You can see all of Maureen’s photos by  clicking on this link.  and you can view my own photos by  clicking on this link

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