August 20th – Challacombe

An inauspicious start for the day with a heavy shower of rain on the way to the Moor and the temperature only 9.5 degrees C. And yes, this really is still August!
However the sun soon came out as we started off on what turned out to be one of the most satisfying walks of the year.

Have a nice day

Have a nice day

Bob led 14 walkers on this 5 mile stroll from the Warren House Inn, over the sites of the Vitifer and Golden Dagger tin mines to the mediaeval village of Challacombe where we stopped for Bob to tell us some of the history of the site.

We returned to the Warren House Inn via the Two Moors Way, passing Bennets cross.

Photographers today were Maureen and myself. Although many of our photos are similar there will always be images that one or other of us will have missed so I never attempt to weed out duplicates.

You can see all of Maureen’s photos by clicking on this link and you can view my own photos by clicking on this link.

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