August 6th – Dartington from The Cott Inn

A very pleasant sunny day for 14 walkers, led by Tony & Jenni, on this 5 mile circular walk.

Track of our walk - 5.2 miles

Starting from The Cott Inn we walked down to Shinners Bridge to cross over the main road and continue alongside the Bidwell Brook as far as the watermill.

From there we walked up through the woods via a path to Dartington Hall and then down to the River Dart.

We followed the river through very pleasant meadows, with Bob and Graham very chivalrously frog marching a reluctant Jenni past a herd of young heifers, none of whom took the least bit of notice of our presence.

After passing the weir we turned away from the river before reaching Totnes, crossing the main road to return via Copland Lane to The Cott Inn where we had a very sociable meal, served by very efficient and friendly staff.

Photos on this walk were taken by Val S.

You can see Val’s photos by clicking on this link or on the map above

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