May 28th – Holwell Lawn

Maureen writes:-
Ernie should have been leading this walk but is still having to limit his walking due an injury incurred on a previous walk. However he came to see us off.
So on a cloudy morning 16 walkers  gathered at Hound Tor for a walk round the Tor (here the raindrops started), continuing down to the Medieval Village where a beautiful sight greeted us, there was a carpet of bluebells which showed the remains of the village in a completely different perspective.
We strolled on across Bone Hill to Holwell Lawn where the majority of bluebells flower over several fields.
Despite strolling our leader (who shall be nameless!!!) had completed the walk in an hour. so as Ernie met us across the lawn it was decided to explore the area in a little more detail. We found a water jump ready for the Gymkhana, a huge horseshoe,  a “crocodile”, a giant duck and a ruined farmhouse. This all added a certain haphazardness to a thoroughly enjoyable walk.
Followed by a good lunch at The Old Inn in Widecombe.
Many thanks to Ernie for organising the day

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