April 2nd Ivybridge

On a day when the weather forecast was for heavy rain, Bob and Jane led twelve suitably clad walkers away from the Sportsman Inn, Ivybridge.
Within minutes the rain had stopped and the sun came out as we crossed over “The Ivy Bridge” to start a very pleasant walk alongside the River Erme.

Along the way we passed the Paper Mill and went under the arches of one of Brunel’s viaducts, stopping for a Group Photo by the remains of a swimming pool built by US Marines during the war as they prepared for D-Day.

We returned  to the the Sportsman Inn for the usual very sociable lunch where we were joined by Ernie, still bearing a grudge for the beating we gave his knees on the Castle Drogo walk last month.

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Historical note from Wikipedia

The name Ivybridge is derived from a small 13th-century hump-backed bridge of the same name. Apart from swimming, it was the only means of crossing the river until 1819. “Ivy” was used to describe the bridge, because there was ivy growing on the bridge. As the bridge was the centre of the village and important to its very existence, it was named the “parish of Ivybridge” in 1894