October 31st – Bantham

Val & Neil led this walk. Val writes … Eleven walkers commenced the walk in overcast but windy conditions just after 10.00am and had an enjoyable walk to Thurlestone Golf Club, at which point Val stopped and asked if everybody wanted to continue as it was getting very windy. It was agreed we would soldier on.
The wind got stronger as we skirted the golf course and then the rain started. We took shelter in the metal hut for a while but there was no let up so we decided to continue. We decided not to cross the beach and go around the Ham because we were feeling like drowned rats at this stage and returned to The Sloop earlier than planned, just after 12.00 Noon for an enjoyable lunch.Special thanks to Maureen for taking photos(click here to see them) in extreme weather conditions – possibly an underwater camera was required on this walk.

Bob took a few photos before his battery ran out and commented – “A unanimous decision to short cut back to the pub saw 11 drowned rats arrive for an early lunch when spirits were regained by Val with dubious Halloween jokes. It was also subject to debate whether those on this walk or those on Joys walk to Grimspound in Nov 2010 suffered the worst conditions.”