November 3rd – Warren House Inn

– Led by Joy

Tony & Jenni wimped out on this walk due to the extremely wet weather. However several more hardier specimens went anyway, and Jane took these photos on her mobile phone.

Jane writes:- Had a lovely walk on the moor, started off dry and ended wet! Super lunch at the Warren House Inn and all seven of us had a good time! Joy told us all about the workings in the mines and the large population on the Moor at that time.

We saw the site of the old tram lines and she told us so much about the area, even how they were fed with the rabbits from the warrens, so for Bob and I even is the mist did come down and blurr out every thing it brought the past to life for us.

She also told us tales of the church in Widdecombe and the devil on his horse, so we expected him to come out of the mist at any time..Also the pub, the Warren House Inn has a fire which Graham says has never been allowed to go out, and the food was wonderful.

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