March 19th 2008, Cockington, Led by Dave

Thanks again to Dennis for taking the photos while Tony & Jenni were enduring the heat of the Caribbean.

Dennis writes:- A beautiful day but a bit cold to start with. Yours truly was earning extra brownie points by arriving by bus and walking up to Cockington that added a further mile.

We all met in the car park but strangely not one of the group parked there. We were told that there were toilets for our use – bring 20p though – but much to our leader’s chagrin, they were locked. He had a plan B though and we all trooped out of the car park and up to Cockington Court and availed ourselves of their facilities.

Then it was back to the vicinity of the car park where we took to the road to begin the walk. Soon we were off-road and meeting dog walkers and a lone runner as we made our way, stopping occasionally to admire the view.

Suddenly we found ourselves in Broadpark Drive and heading back to Cockington Court where we circled the ponds before making for the church.

Lunch was taken in the Drum Inn where we were joined by Mary and Peter Fox and Derek Orton who were not up to the walk on this occasion.

19 people took part on this 3.3 mile walk and I was spared the extra mile back to the bus stop by the kindness of David who gave me a lift.

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